Masonry Chronicles – Fall 2016

What is New in the 2013 TMS 402/602 Masonry Code and Specification and the 2016 California Building Code

This edition of “Masonry Chronicles” will discuss major changes implemented in the 2013 Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures [TMS 402-13] and the corresponding Specification [TMS 602-13] along with the 2016 California Building Code [2016 CBC]. Some of the major TMS 402/602 changes include a complete reformatting of the document into a more user-friendly format, a recalibration of the unit strength tables resulting in a significant increase in f’m for most masonry, the addition of a moment magnifier method for strength design of walls subjected to out-of-plane loads, and a reduction in the shear strength of partially grouted walls. There are many other changes that will also be covered.