Our Goals

Provide technical information on concrete masonry for design professionals, inspectors, and testing agencies

Protect and advance the interests of the concrete masonry industry

Develop new and existing markets for concrete masonry products

Coordinate member’s efforts in solving common problems within the masonry industry

CMACN Membership Benefits

Market Promotion of the Masonry Industry

CMACN, the voice of the California and Nevada masonry industry, increases members’ visibility to potential customers, aiding business development. The Association provides information about the industry, the features and the benefits of masonry construction.

CMACN serves as the leading concrete masonry data clearinghouse in the western states. To facilitate up-to-date information gathering and dissemination, CMACN develops, monitors and coordinates:

  • Test programs
  • Research projects
  • Publication of technical and educational data
  • New specification updates
  • Recommendations for improved product use
  • Promotion of the Association’s professionalism

Technical Services

CMACN addresses specific construction issues such as structural, earthquake, and energy consumption design. On behalf of its members, CMACN documents technical and compliance capabilities of concrete masonry products relating to codes and project specifications. These technical studies are published and available to members and design firms.

Representation in Other Professional Organizations

To increase recognition of the concrete masonry industry, CMACN represents its members in related organizations nationally. This interaction across industry lines helps increase members’ visibility. Links to these organizations and their information are linked from the Members section of the CMACN website.

Current Industry Information

Every CMACN member receives the CMACN monthly report and a copy of the Board of Directors’ minutes, plus special bulletins, semi-annual meeting invitations, and announcements, “Masonry Chronicles,” CMACN’s quarterly engineering publication, and “CMU Profiles in Architecture,” CMACN’s quarterly architectural pictorial featuring concrete masonry projects in California and Nevada. Additionally, every Producer Member receives all Committee notices, minutes of Committee meetings, and a monthly financial statement.

A Voice on the Board of Directors

All members of CMACN are encouraged to participate in the semi-annual meeting of the Association’s Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for coordinating the Association’s business management. Each Producer Member company has one vote on the Board of Directors.